Exams and Cleanings

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Exams & Cleanings

Exams and cleanings are the second most important thing that you can do to ensure good oral health after your daily home care regimen.


It is critical that you visit your dentist regularly for exams and cleanings.
Regular visits ensure your oral health and permit identification of developing problems before they become severe.

Dental Exams and Cleanings

Comprehensive exams and cleanings will allow your dentist to assess your overall oral health and develop a treatment plan to correct any problems that might be discovered.


During regular, follow-up exams, your dentist and your hygienist will:

  • Perform periodic X-rays which are needed to detect tooth decay, bone loss, or other problems
  • Assess the health of your gums and check for indications of periodontal disease
  • Inspect existing cosmetic or restorative work for integrity
  • Check for tooth decay
  • Perform a complete oral cancer screening


Through regular dental exams, you can ensure good oral health.
Developing problems are identified and addressed at the earliest possible stage.


Good oral health starts at home with a daily regimen of flossing and brushing.


However, even the most vigorous daily regimen cannot prevent all buildup of plaque or calculus (tartar). Nor can it prevent all staining or discoloration.


Consequently, a Registered Dental Hygienist must remove the buildup that at-home care cannot prevent.


Your hygienist is trained to identify problems areas that need attention, and also trained in the use of professional cleaning tools.


Usually, the hygienist will assess your oral health first.
Then your dentist performs your comprehensive exam.


This will permit the identification of areas of concern that the dentist will pay special attention to. Additionally, it  provides the dentist a “clean slate” for performing your dental exam.

The Process

During your professional cleaning, the hygienist will:

  • Remove plaque buildup.
    Remnants of food, saliva and bacteria form plaque. The bacterial aspect of plaque produces toxins or poisons that can inflame your gums. That is periodontal disease. It also causes tooth decay. It is invisible – you can’t see it to brush it off.


  • Clean tartar buildup.
    Tartar (calculus) is plaque that has remained on your teeth long enough to become hardened and strongly affixed to the surface of the teeth. It forms both above and below the gum line. It is impossible to remove it all without professional dental instruments. Like plaque, the bacteria in tartar can cause tooth decay. Since it forms below the gum line, tartar can cause serious periodontal diseases.


  • Polish your teeth.
    The hygienist will polish your teeth to remove stains.
    Polishing also removes traces of plaque and tartar that remain after cleaning.


As you can see, regular dental exams and professional cleanings accomplish far more than you can do on your own.

No matter how diligently you perform your daily at-home care, regular exams and cleanings are a must since professional care is critical to oral health.


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