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Crowns are often called “caps” because they are like a hollow shell or jacket that covers an entire tooth.
Since it covers the entire tooth, a crown can be used to restore the natural size and shape of the tooth it will cover.

We make getting dental crowns in Brandon easy and economical.

Just like with composite fillings, crowns can very closely match the natural color of the tooth.

Consequently, they are excellent choices for repairing teeth or for cosmetic enhancements.

Types of Crowns and Their Applications

Crowns are made of many different materials, including gold, ceramic and porcelain.

Our dentist will suggest which material is best based upon why the crown is being used and the location of the tooth to be “crowned”.


Porcelain crowns look natural in color and appearance, because of that; they are the most popular.

Crowns are extremely durable, and with proper oral care; will last for many years.

Using Crowns – Why and When

Crowns are most often used when the underlying tooth is too weak or too damaged to be properly repaired with fillings.

There are also cosmetic considerations that can affect when they are the best choice.


Crowns are used for:

  • Cosmetic enhancement
  • After a root canal
  • Covering broken or misshapen teeth
  • Restoring discolored teeth
  • Replacing fractured or damaged fillings

The Placement Process

Getting a crown normally requires at least two visits.


During the first visit, our dentist takes impressions (molds) of the tooth that will receive the crown.
The molds will be used to create a temporary crown for immediate placement.


Additionally, they will also be used to create the permanent crown.


Once the molds have been inspected, your tooth will be prepared and your dentist will place temporary crown.


On the next visit, once the permanent crown has been received from the dental laboratory; our dentist performs the final preparations:

  • The temporary crown will be removed
  • Your tooth will be cleaned
  • The permanent crown is placed and checked for proper fit


Once these final checks are complete, the dentist will cement the crown into place.


Once in place, your dentist will check to make sure that your bite is comfortable, and that the spacing between the crown and adjacent teeth is appropriate and allows for proper flossing and brushing.

After The Procedure

You may experience some sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages, but that will quickly pass as your gums recover and the underlying tooth acclimates to your new crown.


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