Dental Treatment Plans

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Dental Treatment Plans

Dental treatment plans tailored to your individual needs and circumstances can be the difference between keeping your dental care up to date, or letting things wait until, “a better time”.


Most of us know – that “better time” –  never arrives.

Dental Treatment Plans: Prioritizing Needs

After your first visit and evaluation, we will develop treatment plans designed to:

  • Affordably address immediate concerns affecting oral health
  • Undertake restorative procedures in order from most urgent to least
  • Schedule desired cosmetic enhancements


Dental procedures can be expensive.
However, dental treatment plans make the expense manageable.


That’s especially true if you have “gotten behind” in your dental care and need to get caught up.
We will develop personalized dental treatment plans based upon your specific circumstances.


Our first goal is to correct issues such as broken or cracked teeth, lost fillings and cavities.
Problems that can impact your health need immediate attention.


These are things that will become progressively worse if left untreated.
Consequently, our treatment plans will target them first.

Long-Term Care Or Goals

Once up to date with the critical issues, we can focus on restorative and preventative matters.


Old fillings may need replacement or you may need a crown.
Many possible conditions require correction, but they are elective – until they start causing problems.


Additionally, you may want some cosmetic enhancements like teeth whitening, straightening or veneers.

Cosmetic improvements can be done all at once or scheduled over a period of time to make the expense more manageable.


If you participate in a dental insurance plan, we will review it since a review ensures that you get the most benefit from it.


We will identify and prioritize issues that can impact your health.
We will then address them on a schedule that makes them affordable since treatments cannot succeed if they are never done.


Oftentimes, there are multiple ways in which to accomplish needed repairs or cosmetic enhancements.
Consequently, we will discuss all of those options with you and what each one involves.


This enables you to make informed decisions concerning a course of action that is best for your needs.


Additional Services

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