Fun Dental Facts

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Fun Dental Facts

Do you enjoy trivia?

Here are some fun facts and trivia related to teeth and dentistry!


  • Halloween is the biggest candy-selling holiday, followed by Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day.


  • Roughly 75% of school children worldwide have active dental cavities.


  • It was customary during the middle ages to kiss a donkey if you had a toothache.


  • 48% of young adults have untagged themselves from a photo on Facebook because of their smile.


  • People who smoke are 2-7 times more likely to develop periodontal disease than non-smokers.


  • Tooth enamel is the hardest structure in the human body.


  • Roughly 25% of American adults have no teeth.


  • The first toothbrush with bristles was made in China in 1498. Bristles from hogs, horses, and badgers were used.


  • 61% of adults are attracted to somebody by their smile alone.


  • The human tongue is as unique as a fingerprint. No two people have the same tongue print.


  • In North America, over 3 million miles of dental floss are purchased annually.


  • In the 1800s, blacksmiths and barbers also served as dentists.


  • Sports-related injuries account for approximately 5 million missing teeth per year.


  • 90% of system diseases have oral manifestations.


  • Mosquitoes have 47 teeth.


  • 47% of people notice a person’s smile when first meeting


  • 14 million gallons of toothpaste are purchased each year


  • Flossing once per day can increase your life expectancy by six years


  • Taste is the weakest of the five senses


  • An elephant’s tooth can weigh over 6-9 pounds


  • 86% of women versus 66% of men brush twice daily or more



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