Other Dental Services

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Other Dental Services

Other dental services besides preventative, restorative or cosmetic are sometimes needed too.


Although those are “The Big Three” areas that most people need tended to when it comes to dental care, there are other concerns too.


And face it – most dental problems pretty much demand immediate attention because they cause discomfort.

They’re a little like having your hair on fire – you aren’t thinking about anything else until you have that fire extinguished.


We’ve got you covered here too.


Other Dental Services


Periodontal Services | Periodontal Treatment & Therapy


Oral Surgery | Root Canals | Dental Emergencies | Find A Dentist


Other Dental Services – Periodontal Diseases

Periodontal diseases – gum diseases – are all too common, and far too serious; to be ignored.


There are  several different types of gum disease that are occur often.
Most begin with inadequate oral hygiene, or infrequent professional cleanings by your dentist or hygienist.


But the common denominator is that all periodontal diseases are progressive.
Also, without aggressive treatment; they will quickly become worse, and much more serious.


We actively monitor all of our patients for signs or symptoms of periodontal diseases since preventing more serious problems is crucial.



Periodontal Disease – More


Other Services – Periodontal Treatments

If we detect any signs or symptoms of gum disease, we immediately begin aggressive therapies designed to restore oral health.

Because periodontal diseases are progressive, we waste no time.


But not all periodontal diseases can be fully cured.
Consequently, we must act to control them.


Also, we may refer you to a Periodontist for specialized treatment in severe or advanced cases.



Periodontal Treatments – More


Other Dental Services – Oral Surgery

Our experienced staff performs a wide variety of oral surgery services.


Root canals and extractions are two common procedures that are provided in office.


However, we refer some procedures to specialists in oral surgery since very high levels of expertise are required.





Other Services – Dental Emergencies

Accidents happen all the time.


Also, they usually happen at the worst possible time.

Because anything from a line drive at a baseball game to a bad landing at the skate park can turn a fun outing into a dental emergency.


However, there are certain things that you can do to try to limit your risk of dental emergencies.
Additionally, there are things you need to know if you do have one…





Additional Information & Services

Dentist Brandon MS can handle all of your personal and family dental needs, including:



Preventative Services


Brushing & Flossing | Exams & CleaningsFluoride Treatments

X-Rays | Dental Sealants  | Dental Treatment Plans



Restorative Services


Fillings | Inlays & Onlays | Crowns | Implants

Bridges | Dentures & Partials



Cosmetic Services


Whitening | Composite Fillings | Dental Bonding

Veneers | Crowns | Implants



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